Welcome to the official website for Tulku Lobsang's Lu Jong Tibetan Healing Yoga! Tulku Lobsang is a precious teacher of the Tantrayana Buddhist tradition, an eminent astrologer and doctor of Tibetan Medicine, and a source of great warmth and wisdom. Through him, we are able to receive the powerful practice of Lu Jong.

Lu Jong is an ancient practice that uses smooth movements of the body to attain a deep harmony of body, mind and spirit. By opening the body's physical blocks, we open ourselves to the opportunity for mental clarity, balanced emotions, invigorated energy and spiritual development. Please explore the rest of this website in order to learn more about the history of Lu Jong, how it functions and what it can do for you.

Lu Jong is a simple practice that can be done by people of all ages and physical abilities. It requires no particular background or beliefs. Yet, this simple practice can surely change your life.
We are happy to welcome our new Lu Jong and Tog Chöd Educators. They have practiced and teached Lu Jong and Tog Chöd for several years. Now they have successfully participated at the Educator Weekend and received the permission for being an Educator. In future, they will offer Teacher Educations on behalf of Tulku Lobsang and Nangten Menlang International.

LU JONG: Anett, Christel, Gaby, Harald, Bettina, Bastien, Franziska, Cynara, Lena, Natacha, Sonia, Olga, Felix and Guido
TOG CHÖD: Berit, Inma, Bastien, Olga, Felix, Bettina, and Guido

Please visit and for further information about the Education program of Nangten Menlang.

It´s wonderful to see, how the teachings of Lu Jong and Tog Chöd can be spread also trough the Educators for the benefit of many.
Nangten Menlang International

"If we listen, we learn with our gros mind.
Only if we teach, we can learn with our subtle mind."
Tulku Lobsang
From 07 - 09 February, more than 200 people hailing from 15 countries came together to receive their Lu Jong or Tog Chöd Teacher Certification of Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche and Nangten Menlang International.

After an intensive education in Lu Jong, Tibetan Healing Yoga, or the Tog Chöd Sword Practice, these participants were officially certified to spread these powerful meditation in movement techniques.

There are now around 1400 teachers worldwide that have gone through Tulku Lobsang’s education program. No Tibetan Lama teaching in the West has ever built such a large group of teachers to help spread teachings in the area of health, based on the Traditional Tibetan Medicine! This is a major success in the health arena, as these practices are very accessible to people of all beliefs and abilities.

We heartily welcome all new teachers and wish them a good start to give courses by their own.
Nangten Menlang International
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Lu Jong gives me a pleasant inner warmth
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