Certification Program

Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche has developed this certification system in order to support the growth of the Lu Jong practice while still preserving its authenticity and quality.

Over the last few years, Lu Jong has been rapidly spreading as people discover the benefits of this special practice. This certification program is the method whereby Lu Jong can spread in an effective way, benefitting many, while also maintaining the purity of the transmission.

The aim of this program is to unify all certified teachers in a way that promotes community and support for each other, which is essential for keeping the lineage of this teaching intact. By offering a standardized and comprehensive system for developing Lu Jong Teachers and Educators, we honor and respect our students, the teaching and Tulku Lobsang.

All potential teachers must complete this certification process to receive official recognition by Nangten Menlang International and Tulku Lobsang to teach Lu Jong. The teacher certificate is at first valid for two years. You can extend your teacher certificate by reconnecting with Rinpoche and the Lu Jong community at a Renewal Weekend (details below).

Here is a summary of the Certification Program:

Step 1: Education Course
Lu Jong 1
Tulku Lobsang has certified several of his students to be official Lu Jong 1 Educators, who take on the responsibility of preparing potential Lu Jong 1 teachers in their country. In order to become a certified Lu Jong 1 teacher, you must first complete an Education course with an official, certified Lu Jong 1 Educator, a list of which can be found on the "Find Your Teacher" page of this website.

The Education course requires 85 hours to complete. In the course, students will learn:

• History of Lu Jong
• Benefits of Lu Jong
• Foundational knowledge of Tibetan Buddhism, Tantrayana and Tibetan Medicine
• The Lu Jong practice and modifications
• Additonal practices, such as prostrations, massage and breathwork
• Pedagogics and the logistics of offering a course

Only official certified Lu Jong 1 Educators can offer Education courses to train students to become certified Lu Jong 1 teachers. Educators can change from time to time. Before attending a Lu Jong Education course, it is important to always check our website for the most current list of certified Educators, or contact us at

Lu Jong 2
If you are a certified Lu Jong 1 teacher, you can also train to become a Lu Jong 2 teacher. In order to become a certified Lu Jong 2 teacher, you must first have a valid Lu Jong 1 Teacher Certification. Then, you must complete an official Lu Jong 2 Education course with a certified Lu Jong 2 Educator, a list of which can be found on the "Find Your Teacher" page of this website. In the Lu Jong 2 Education, you will learn more advanced movements and their benefits.

Step 2: Certification
The final step to become a Lu Jong 1 and/or Lu Jong 2 teacher is to pass the required examinations given at a Lu Jong Certification Weekend. In order to qualify, you must attend a Certification Weekend and pass the examinations within two years after completing your official Lu Jong 1 and/or Lu Jong 2 Education course. During this Weekend, students will be given both a written and practical examination. Those who pass the examinations will then receive direct transmission of the Lu Jong teachings from Tulku Lobsang along with his blessing to teach. They will also receive a Nangten Menlang International Certificate confirming them as a Certified Teacher of Lu Jong 1 and/or Lu Jong 2.

The Teacher Certification is valid for two years, after which time you must renew your certification at a Renewal Weekend in order to remain a certified Lu Jong 1 and/or Lu Jong 2 teacher.

Step 3: Renewal
In order to keep your Teacher Certification valid, you must renew it by attending a Lu Jong Renewal Weekend and passing a practical examination. During this weekend, Lu Jong teachers will meet in order to refresh our knowledge, to learn from each other, to exchange experiences, to continue our development, to deepen our practice and, most importantly, to renew our connection with Rinpoche. Teachers who pass the practical examination will receive a new Lu Jong Certificate confirming that they are still Certified Teachers of Lu Jong 1 and/or Lu Jong 2.

The renewed certification is valid for four years. You must attend a Renewal Weekend to renew your certification once within every four years in order to remain a certified Lu Jong teacher.

Further Information
Anyone teaching Lu Jong without complying with the certification program is not recognized as an official, certified Lu Jong - Tulku Lobsang teacher, and will not receive the benefits of certification. Anyone that is interested in becoming a Lu Jong Educator is welcome to communicate this with NMI at

May this certification program preserve the treasured lineage of this practice so that it may reach many, for the benefit of all sentient beings.