Certification Program

Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche has developed this certification system in order to support the growth of the Lu Jong practice while still preserving its authenticity and quality.

Over the last few years, Lu Jong has been rapidly spreading as people discover the benefits of this special practice. This certification program is the method whereby Lu Jong can spread in an effective way, benefitting many, while also maintaining the purity of the transmission.

The aim of this program is to unify all certified teachers in a way that promotes community and support for each other, which is essential for keeping the lineage of this teaching intact. By offering a standardized and comprehensive system for developing Lu Jong Teachers and Educators, we honor and respect our students, the teaching and Tulku Lobsang.

All potential teachers must complete this certification process to receive official recognition by Nangten Menlang International and Tulku Lobsang to teach Lu Jong. The teacher certificate is at first valid for two years. You can extend your teacher certificate by reconnecting with Rinpoche and the Lu Jong community at a Masterclass.

If you are interested in becoming a Lu Jong teacher and sharing this beautiful practice, please contact a Lu Jong Educator. You can find all certified Lu Jong Educators here.

If you have already found your Lu Jong Educator and want to register for the Teacher Certification Program in order to start your Education, you can do this here.