Lu Jong and Tulku Lobsang

Tulku Lobsang is the pioneer and transmitter of this Lu Jong practice. While the roots of Lu Jong are very deep, going back to the time of Buddha Shakyamuni, there are different exercises and variations found in each lineage, and they were developed for the conditions of the people living long ago.

Tulku Lobsang has always felt an affinity for the movement traditions of Buddhism, such as Lu Jong, Tsa Lung, Trulkhor and Tummo. This is his area of specialization and his own personal practice. Since he was a young boy, he sought out many masters, requesting that they transmit to him the unique wisdom of their lineage. He studied with masters of all the major schools.

Tulku Lobsang has collected these movements and distilled them into a single practice, as part of a complete cycle. After many years of teaching and giving medical consultations to Western people, he became very familiar with the unique conditions and limitations of the Western body. Tulku-la adjusted the movements to accommodate those for whom the practice is now intended, so that it would have maximum effectiveness.

It is Tulku Lobsang that we must thank for the opportunity to receive this precious practice. It is due to his devotion, diligence and wisdom that we are presented with Lu Jong today. And, with the utmost respect and honor, we continue spreading Lu Jong, always remaining true to his original intentions and thereby benefiting all sentient beings.