Farrah Garan

Teacher: Lu Jong 1+2
Educator: Lu Jong 1
I originally met Tulku Lobsang through a very auspicious encounter in India in February 2002. I attended the first course that he offered in the Nangten Menlang Center in Manali. This was my first introduction to Lu Jong, and this was the beginning of my incredible journey with the teachings of Tibetan Medicine, Tantrayana and the warmth and wisdom of Tulku-la. At the end of those 3 weeks I decided to help Tulku-la in his work, however I might be useful.

This is how I came to be the chairwoman of the North American branch of Tulku-la's organization. Today, I assist with many projects for NMI, including editing books, developing web material and the launch of the Lu Jong Teacher's Certification Program. I am honored to be a part of this growing organization and to help spread Tulku-la's teachings to the world.

My formal education is a university degree in Biology (pre-med), a certificate in Consciousness Studies from the Center for World Indigenous Studies and a Masters degree in Cultural Studies specializing in Perception and Communication. But the education I have received from Tulku-la surpasses all of these!

I have been teaching Lu Jong for several years, and I am doing what I can to develop the Teacher Certification program in North America, traveling throughout the US and Canada to introduce this amazing practice to many.

Please contact me to arrange a teaching in your area!
Dates & Times
Lu Jong Teacher Training 26.04 - 04.08.2020 05:00 - 01:00

Further information:
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