John Nangle

Teacher: Lu Jong 1
Since 2012, I have been teaching people the sensual bliss of re-connecting with their bodies through Tantrik practices. I am excited to be able to share the practice of Lu Jong as part of that teaching.

I feel an authentic connection to the Lu Jong and have personally realized physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits from my own practice. I am grateful to Farrah Garan for teaching me this beautiful practice, and for Tulku Lobsang for making Lu Jong and Tantrayana more widely available.

My other Tantrik practices include Kashmiri Shaiva tantra, as well as training from Charles Muir and Laurie Handlers. I am also grateful to Tulku Lobsang for teaching the practice of Tummo, which I now incorporate as a personal practice.

I am excited to be able to share Lu Jong in Colorado. I will begin teaching classes and workshops beginning in early 2018 in Denver, Boulder, and along the front range. Feel free to connect with me for more information, and I look forward to sharing Lu Jong with you.