Edwin Solache

Teacher: Lu Jong 1
Gender: Male
Since I remember movement always called me, first the martial arts
they gave form and temperance to this unbridled infantile energy; Later, it was the Gestural theater techniques opened the form to sensations.
Also I practiced circus skills and yoga for several years.
In addition to this need for knowledge of the mechanics and possibilities of the body, I have also been accompanied by a, firts curiosity, latter a conscious search for what might lead me to a body-mind re-encounter.
In each of these stages I had the opportunity to share what I was learning with others, which always helped me to specify and synthesize the techniques and methods.

“Although I was always in close contact, it was not until I started practicing Lu-Jong, that the relationship with my body is from listening, not from the demand, which has led me not only to a much healthier relationship with me same in general but to a state of health and emotional and energetic strength that leads me to want to share it so that more people can enjoy its benefits.”
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